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Curry Corner - An Authentic Indian Cuisine

Curry Corner is an authentic Indian restaurant in Edmonton serving food like you've never tasted before. The flavors are unique, harmonious on the palate, a lot less of the overwhelming heat that’s associated with East Indian cuisine and something all together far more sophisticated.

The recipes are rarely finds where they’re special treats sought out from our master chefs. Curry Corner is a real gourmand’s restaurant-seriously made food with top-notch and educated service to do its justice.

Our chefs had early opportunities to work with different restaurants in Edmonton and India. These chefs were empire on those restaurants. But a spark that ignited on their first trip to the Big Apple proved that they would have to act on even bigger aspirations. Because of this passion and their extensive knowledge of East Indian cuisine make them decided to open Curry Corner in March 2013.

Butter chicken and Naan are the specialty of the house and they’re anything but typical. Our chefs are the few chefs to have learned the secrets to the recipe that makes the test you never forget.

Curry Corner Restaurant